Ultrasound images direct to mobile.

Send de-identified, branded images and cine-loops directly to your patients’ phone or email. No change to your existing PACS system.

Free trial and get started within 24 hours.


Watch the 2-minute overview.

Watch a short video to get an overview of how PACSBridge works and how easy it is to get started.

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Fast, simple and safe


No more wasted time waiting for CDs and flash drives to write.


Patients are not required to download any special apps.

No plastic

Reduce your USB and CD/DVD plastic waste to zero.

Quick setup

Your company can be using PACSBridge tomorrow!

Patient friendly

Patients prefer receiving images on their smartphone or email.

BPA free

The BPA in thermal photo paper is a known endocrine disruptor.


Elegantly move your image sharing to the next level

PACSBridge is a modern, environmentally friendly method of sharing images, that does not require any changes to your existing PACS systems.

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All patient details are erased from images and cine-loops, making sharing on social media safe.

Low cost

Small charge per study, no ongoing or monthly costs.


Your company's logo is automatically added to images and cine-loops.

How it works

PACSBridge is setup on your modality as a second PACS system, it’s not a replacement for your existing PACS.

After scanning, images are sent to your primary PACS as usual, and then all images (or a subset) are sent to PACSBridge.

In the PACSBridge web portal you will see the study, simply enter a patient's email or mobile number and press send.

We fully de-identify images by removing their DICOM data and also using your brand in a banner to cover the patient details burned into the image or cine-loop.

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PACSBridge workflow